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Application Line App - Surf Forecast

Since the very early life of Line App, we were aware of the importance of a service able to give updates on surf conditions in each spot. For this reason, we have developed the surf forecast.

Each user will be then benefiting in each spot from a dedicated section including a very detailed update on surf forecast. This section will gather different data necessary to understand surf condition with an accurate forecast up to 7 days and with a time interval of 3 hours.

Reaching these information is very easy. Users will just need to access a spot page and then visualize all data.

Here below you can find all the symbols related to the surf forecast

  • the two data above and below this symbol represent respectively height and period of the swell
  • the two data above and below this symbol represent respectively the direction of the swell and temperature of the water
  • the two data above and below this symbol represent respectively the direction and strength of the wind.

Surf Height and Quality Rating

In each spot, you will be also benefiting from a very important information, the “Surf Height”. It refers to the potential waves height you can find in each spot. Our model takes into account several factors including height, direction and period of the swell.

Surf Height will be also accompanied by a very useful Rating developed to give an overall idea of the Quality of potential waves. For this rating we have taken into account multiple factors including both strength and direction of the wind.

Our rating includes 5 levels:

Poor conditions
Not that great. Give it a try
Fair conditions
It’s definitely worth it
Best conditions. Go surfing, Now!

Our rating doesn’t take into account possible local variables linked to the peculiarity of each spot. Besides, it is an information useful to all surfers to scan surf forecast but leaving room for their experience and personal analysis.

Detailed Surf Forecast Table

For all those surfers wishing a much more detailed “picture” of surf forecast in their spots, we have created a very useful table gathering all data we have mentioned before with an hourly pace. Here you can also find detailed info on high and low tide.

Spot the Spot

Spot the Spot” is an extra service totally free and accessible directly in our online platform allowing people to collect only all active spots. All spots with flat condition will be automatically excluded.

All spots shown will refer to those days when conditions are averagely fair enough to surf and will start from the very first useful day within a week. If spots are not active and surf conditions are not ok, no spot will be shown.

Have a look at the service here