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"The best surfer out there
is the one having the most fun!"

Phil Edwards


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One of the mail goals of the application Line App is making Surf Schools able to promote and share with followers all updates related to their activities.

Add your Surf School is very easy.

You just need to download the application Line App and sign in as “surfing instructor”. Once entered into the application you will just have to push on the + icon up on the right and choose the option “Add new Surf School”.

Here below you can find all services dedicated to Surf Schools:

  • Surf School Members

    Once created, you will directly land on the main page of the Surf School. There, you will have the opportunity to access the list of the Surf School Members, change your status/role and add other members covering a role in the team. They need to download Line App and sign-in to be found and be assigned as members.

  • Surf School Profile

    You simply need to access your profile and there you will find name and logo of your Surf School.

  • Home spot

    You will also have the possibility to set a spot as a Home Spot of your Surf School. You just need to click on the icon of the “House” within the main page of each spot. Since that moment, in your Surf School main page it will also appear the name of your Home spot and, vice versa, the name of your Surf School will appear in the main page of the spot.

  • Surf Alerts

    You will be able to send surf alerts, alias real time updates on surf conditions directly on your Surf School dedicated page. Surf alerts allow to include also a picture or video and need some info to be mandatory filled in such as waves height and level of crowding. Surf alerts sent from Surf Schools are of outmost importance to advise all its followers and learners about real time surf conditions. In case your Surf School has been associated with a home spot, the surf alert will also appear in the dedicated page of the spot and will be received by all its followers.

  • Forecast

    You will be able to share with your followers updates on surf conditions up to the next 3 days.

  • Promotional posts

    Each Surf School will be free to share on its wall promotional posts amongst offers, events and surfcamps. Each one of them will be characterized by a dedicated icon making it easily identifiable by Line App users.

  • Showcase

    All promotional posts will be shared within the Showcase, a dedicated page accessible to all Line App users. Thanks to the Showcase, all Surf Schools will have more visibility by sharing their promotional activities with all the Community, reaching also those users not following them, thus increasing their opportunity to be contacted. This service will be free within 6 months since the download of the application.

  • Push Notifications

    Each user following a Surf School will receive a push notification directly on his/her smartphone when the Surf School will share un update such as surf alert, a forecast or a post, promotional or not. The main goal is to allow each Surf School to keep each follower updated in real time. This service will be free within 6 months since the download of the application..

  • Wall

    Each Surf School will benefit from a dedicated wall useful to interact with its followers and share information. Within each wall the Surf School can share pictures, videos contributing to nourish the media gallery.

  • Services for Surfers

    In addition to all above mentioned services, surfing instructors can use the application Line App also as individual users and then benefit from all services dedicated to surfers.

Each Surf School will have an initial Trial Period of 6 MONTHS in which it can use all dedicated functions without any limitations. At the end of this period, each Surf School will eventually choose whether using the Application with all free functions (Free Package) or subscribe the Premium Package for a period of one year.

Here below you can find all functions included in both Free and Premium Packages:

Interactive Wall in the Surf School page
Management of the Staff of the Surf School
Surf School’s followers
Real time Surf Alerts and Forecast to followers
Promotional Posts in the Wall
Promotional Posts in the Showcase
Real time “push” Notifications to followers
Only for the first year FREE ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION