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"The best surfer out there
is the one having the most fun!"

Phil Edwards


Application Line App - Services Surfer

The application Line App is first of all a platform useful to give information to all those loving and practicing surfing all around the world.

All surfers, including surfing Instructors, using the application Line App will cover a crucial rolesurf forecast as well as pictures/videos and posts within the page of each spot or Surf School, in addition to be always updated on surf conditions of their favorite spots around the world.

Once downloaded the application Line App you will be then the chance to access several services that will make you surf experience more intuitive and pleasant. Find them here below:

  • Spot

    You will have direct access to an interactive map gathering all surf spots so far added on Line App. You will then follow all spots you like the most in order to check related surf forecast. You will be also able to add new spots and decide whether to keep them secret or not. You can everytime change the status of the spot you created.

  • Surf Forecast

    Within each spot, already existing or added by you, you can also benefit from a detailed 7 days surf forecast bloc, including several data - such as swell height, direction and period and wind strength and direction - with a three hours interval. You can also access a detailed table with more details, including tides data.

  • Surf Height

    In each spot, you will be also benefiting from a very important information, the “Surf Height”. It refers to the potential waves height you can find in each spot. Our model takes into account several factors including height, direction and period of the swell. Surf Height will be also accompanied by a very useful Rating developed to give an overall idea of the Quality of potential waves. For this rating, which include 5 levels (our smilies) we have taken into account multiple factors including both strength and direction of the wind.

  • Surf Alerts

    You will be able to share and receive real-time Surf Alerts on your favourite spots to always know where to go according to your surfing level, thus avoiding overcrowding and limiting the risk of accidents in the water. Sharing surf Alerts you can also include a picture or a video but are obliged to define some info such as the height of the way and level of crowding.

  • Surf Schools

    You will have at your disposal the list of all Surf Schools added y surfing instructors on Line App. Once followed your favorite Surf Schools, you will receive updates the latter will send to all their followers on surf conditions, real time surf alerts and promotional activities such as offers, events and surfcamps.

  • Showcase

    You can freely access to the Showcase, an open section gathering all promotional activities shared by all Surf Schools active on Line App. You will be then always updated also on events, offers and surfcamps of Surf Schools you do not directly follow.

  • Wall

    In each spot and Surf School you will find a dedicated wall where you can share pictures, videos and posts, in addition to ask information on everything you are interested in but regarding the related spot or Surf School’s activity.

  • Push Notifications

    You will receive directly on your smartphone push notifications related only to all information and updates on spots and Surf Schools you follow. It will be then your choice to follow if you want to remain updated.