Line App
"The best surfer out there
is the one having the most fun!"
Phil Edwards
Line App represents a reality entirely dedicated to the world of surfing and to the surfing community scattered all over the world. It is a virtual platform aimed at spreading both the culture and knowledge of this incredible sport, making the surfing community itself a key player of a flow of information useful to everyone, regardless of its surfing level. Besides, our slogan is: Respectful Surfing Is Everyone’s Playground.
Surf forecast always updated on more than 1500 spots in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and much more. And what about if you don’t find the spot you are searching for? No problem. Create it, add it within your spot list and decide those allowed to see it.
Opportunity to send and receive real-time alerts on sea’s conditions in a specific spot. Want to benefit also from real time alerts and forecast for incoming days’ sea’s conditions by Surf Schools? No problem, this is possible too.
Access the list of all the Surf Schools created by certified surf instructors as well as the opportunity to benefit from exclusive information related to their ordinary activity.
Specific area dedicated to all promotional activities promoted by Surf Schools. Would you like to participate in a Surf-camp but you do not know exactly which Surf School you shoud contact first and where to go? Access "Showcase" and information will be always within reach, easily and everywhere.


Accedi alla piattaforma di surf più coinvolgente di sempre!


Accedi alla piattaforma di surf più coinvolgente di sempre!


Have a brief taste of some of line app main functionalities:
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Surf Schools’ list
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Spots’ list
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Surf School
General Info
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Surf School
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Surf School
Screen 6
Surf School
Promotional Post
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Forecast & Info
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Screen 9
Screen 10
Secret Spot
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Promotional posts from Surf Schools

Surf Forecast and Spots

Access surf forecast of each spot with an accurate forecast up to 5 days from the current one. Scroll through the timing slots and plan your time according to the sea conditions fitting better for you.
Search for your closest spots and add your favourite ones to your personal spot list to be always updated on their weather conditions. If you don’t find a spot you are searching for, do not worry. You can create and add it to the overall spot list of the platform and decide whether to keep it secret or not.
Each spot is also provided with an “interactive wall” where people can exchange information, make questions and publish pictures/video.

Real time Alerts and Forecast

Send real-time alerts on the spot condition and receive notifications directly on your mobile phone on those sent by other users in your favorite spots or directly by your favourite Surf Schools.
Real time alert is a tool designed to keep everyone updated, especially those living far away from the coast who are forced to travel several miles before reaching the sea.
And when sea’s conditions are much more dangerous? well ... real time alert becomes essential to prevent less experienced surfers from entering spots that are not within their reach. The more real time alerts are sent on different spots, the greater will be the possibility of avoiding crowded spots and consequently risk of accidents in the sea.
Shouldn’t surf forecast provided within each spot be enough, please consider Surf Schools can send all their followers notifications on surf forecast for the incoming days. Follow them to be constantly updated.

Surf Schools’ activities

Access the list of all the Surf Schools in your area and choose the ones to follow. This will allow you to receive real-time updates about all communications regarding lessons, timetables, transfers and much more.
You will be thus able, also thanks to an interactive wall, to interact with your favourite Surf Schools or simply collect all the information and initiatives promoted by them or by all the others nearby. Are you interested in starting your first surfing lesson but you don’t know which school you should refer to? Filter Surf Schools by choosing the closest to you and easily access the professional Curricula and Official Certifications of their Surf Instructors. You will also benefit from all Surf Schools’ references to contact them for any need and information.
Interested in knowing if a Surf School adheres to/is affiliated with the Surfing Federation/Association of your country? No problem. If you see a “Star” on the Surf School’s Logo, the answer is Yes.
Interested moreover in knowing if a Surf School benefits from qualified staff for adaptive surfing lessons? No problem. If you see a “Wheelchair” (“diversity” symbol internationally recognized) on the Surf School’s Logo, the answer is Yes.

All services dedicated to Surf Schools
Surf Schools can benefit from dedicated functions and services.
Each Surf School will have an initial Trial Period of 6 months in which it can use all dedicated functions without any limitations.
At the end of this period, each Surf School will eventually choose whether using the Application with all free functions (Free Package) or subscribe the Premium Package for a period of one year.
Here below you can find all functions included in both Free and Premium Packages:

Interactive Wall in the Surf School page
Management of the Staff of the Surf School
Surf School’s followers
Real time Surf Alerts and Forecast to followers
Promotional Posts in the Wall
Promotional Posts in the Showcase
Real time “push” Notifications to followers
  FREE 50€/year


Each Surf School will have the opportunity to sponsor its own promotional activities without geographical boundaries, reaching users everywhere.
Is there a Surf School nearby promoting free surfing lessons? Interested in perfecting your surfing level or in SUP and Yoga lessons and would like to know if a nearby Surf School is the right one for you? Would you like to access all Surf-camps sponsored by Surf Schools and decide which one suits you the best based on price, dates and availability? “Showcase” is exactly what you need.
Access all these promotional information and filter them amongst “Offers”, “Events” and “Surf-camps”. Think about your needs and purposes. Find what you are interested in and the deed is done.


Please have a look at our special t-shirts, all hand painted from our eclectic artist Stefano Mancini. These t-shirts fully identify our dedication and line app values.
Coming soon!