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Restart. Together!
Our Past!
Discover Our Journey - Lineapp was launched worldwide, reaching 20k downloads, 5k active users per week and forecasts in more than 3k spots. After 5 years of the free app, we realized that the running costs had become unsustainable, making it necessary to take a break. We listened to feedback from all users and came back with a plan to improve Lineapp and make it more sustainable.
Our Future!
Let's Start Over Together - We are excited to announce our return! We are working hard to bring Lineapp online and we want you to be part of this new adventure and strong Community. With your participation, we will bring Lineapp back online, with new features, enhancing the user experience and always ensuring the highest quality.
Now it's your turn!
Clear goals - Join now and get exclusive benefits! Having reached the first goal in fact, Lineapp will come back online, free, until the end of 2023. Starting in 2024, the application will remain free but with a two-day forecast. Instead, the full forecast will be usable, for a fee, only from our new Web Platform. Your participation today will allow you to benefit from exclusive access to the platform in 2024. What are you waiting for?
Total harvest: 1325€
Participations achieved
Participation campaign deadline: 30/11/2023
Financial Goals
Join us to revive Lineapp and unlock new features to make it even better.
Here's what we can accomplish together:
Target 1: 4900€
Lineapp online - This is the target needed for the reactivation of Lineapp. It is the starting point that will allow you, if achieved, to also benefit from the full and exclusive forecast starting in 2024, on the dedicated Web Platform.
Note: If target 1 is not achieved in the desired timeframe, your participation will be returned to you.
Target 2: 8200€
Desktop Friendly Business - With this target we will be able to extend the Web Platform to all Business activities related to surfing (stores, surf houses, surf trip agencies) that will be able to register, manage their profile independently and promote their activities, events, discounts and information. For all Lineapp users, it will mean having a map of the surfing world in their own hands.
Target 3: 10800€
Desktop Friendly Schools - With this target we will also be able to implement Lineapp's schools platform from Desktop. A way to manage their Surf School and share experiences, content and reservations for classes. For all Lineapp users it will be a new way to access the information they need.
Participate nowon GoFundMe!
Participate and become an integral part of the exclusive Lineapp Community. Rewards related to the full forecast will grant those who participate now significant discounted costs compared to Platform subscriptions that will apply starting in 2024.
2 months of full forecast on Lineapp web platform from 2024 + thank-you emails
4 months of full forecast on Lineapp web platform from 2024 + thank-you emails + participation in giveaway drawing
1 year full forecast on Lineapp web platform starting 2024 + thank you email + participation in giveaway drawing
1 year full forecast on Lineapp web platform from 2024 + thank you email + participation in giveaway drawing + 1 hand-painted t-shirt
1 year full forecast on Lineapp web platform from 2024 + thank you email + participation in giveaway drawing + 2 hand-painted t-shirts + name on landing thank you page
Investor level - Reward from the previous point + let's get in touch to get to know each other and see if we can do something together

What's new in the Lineapp Web Platform.

The return of Lineapp is a reality but to make it happen we need your participation and the achievement of the first financial goal.
Once online, Lineapp will remain free with full weather until the end of 2023.

Starting in 2024, we will activate our new Web platform, and the application will reduce the forecast detail to just two days.
Access to the Web platform will be given to all who download Lineapp, register and create their own profile on the application.
On the platform, with the same credentials, it will be possible to access the same weather information present in the application.
Instead, for a payment, either monthly or annually, it will be possible to benefit from a complete forecast, as opposed to the "residual" forecast present within the application.

Why it is therefore worthwhile to subscribe payment to the Lineapp Web Platform:

Dynamic interface, larger and more effectiveTarget 1
6-day weather for each spot with specific detail (vs. 2-day in app)Target 1
6-day synoptic maps in all areas of the world (vs. 2-day in app)Target 1
Dashboard with your own saved spots with better conditions for up to 6 days (vs. 2 days in app)Target 1
Access to Webcams recorded in the spots where they are presentTarget 1
Ability to filter map spots based on conditions (range, quality) in one's geographic area for subsequent days as well (vs. current day in the app)Target 1
Ability to record your own webcams (by entering dedicated URL) in your favorite spots without them being seen by other users using the application and platform serviceTarget 1
Ability for Vendors to list their business and advertise it within the platformTarget 2
Vendors' custom page and open in the public area of the platformTarget 2
Access to discounts entered by VendorsTarget 2
Ability to total points based on logins and usage of the app and platform; points will be used to access higher rewards and discountsTarget 2
Ability for Schools to list their activity and advertise it within the platformTarget 3
Ability to book lessons in Schools using the platformTarget 3
Access to discounts entered by SchoolsTarget 3
Acquisition of platform badges based on usage; the more badges you take, the greater the chance of participating in draws to access rewards and higher discountsTarget 3
Video content management of individual lessons and sessions for video analysis for each studentTarget 3

All those who contribute participation now will have significant discounted costs compared to the subscriptions that will be applied from 2024 to access the full forecast in Platform.

Pricing from 2024 for full forecast in Lineapp Web Platform:
You also participate!
Will you contribute your support and participation to bring the app back to life?

We are Lineapp.

Lineapp Surf Forecast is a mobile application that puts the sea and surfing at the center, creating a true #community made up of surfers, surf schools and surf lovers, together within an ecosystem fueled by sharing, information and discovery.

Lineapp's goal is manifold:

- to give a constant, real-time update on wave conditions at international spots, i.e., beaches recorded or reported by users, whether fans and/or instructors, through internal algorithms and a rating system;
- enable all surfers, of any level, to access a simplified marine weather reading, based on their skills and level. Special attention is given to less experienced surfers, with timely guidance on the level of difficulty of each spot in order to limit possible accidents in the water;
- encourage, support and promulgate surf learning through the possibility for surf schools to register and share their activities;
- consolidate a true surfing community through the presence of social features that allow people to share photos, videos and comments, follow other surfers, spots and schools;
- promote the 360-degree surfing ecosystem through a customizable detail dashboard where, among other functions, receive direct communications with content about the world of surfing including videos, articles, songs, and books that direct the user to content pages (with the possibility for brands to tap into this feature for promotional purposes).