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"The best surfer out there
is the one having the most fun!"

Phil Edwards


Line App is a platform addressed to surfers and the whole world surfing community.

It has been designed to meet both needs of surfers and surf schools, giving them the opportunity to interact at any time and from any part of the world.

The mobile application Line App aims at spreading more and more both culture and knowledge about surfing, but mostly at making surfers and surf schools able to share and access multiple information including:
- real-time updates on surf forecast;
- surf condition in all spots;
- promotional activities such as offers, events and surfcamps organized by all Surf schools signed up in the application.
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Line App: the mobile application making Surfing its constant.

Besides, Line App includes a huge amount of services dedicated to surfers and surf schools around the world, easily accessible simply by downloading the mobile application with a smartphone: a complete map of surf spots, the possibility to add new spots and/or a surf school, and even share and receive real time updates on surf conditions on favourite spots - the so-called “Surf Alerts”. Line App also includes the “Surf Height”, an accurate assessment of the potential waves height once they will approach the shore, accompanied by a Quality Rating.

Using the application Line App is very easy. You have just to download it directly from Apple Store and Play Store, sign in, and choose between “surfer” or “surfing instructorprofile to benefit from all above mentioned features.

Besides, all these features have been designed to meet the needs of any surfer, from beginner to advanced one, but also of those who want to approach surfing for the very first time. For all these reasons, we have given users (signing as surfing instructors) the possibility to add their own Surf Schools, since the latter represent a fundamental driving force for the spreading, knowledge and continuous practice of surfing.

Line App platform also includes a free and online service called “Spot the Spot” whose aim is to give users the possibility to identify all active spots in each country, by filtering them by:

minimum and maximum level of surf height they would like to surf
quality rating
Spot Level

The goal of this service is to make users able to find surf spots easily and immediately, but also to enhance the already wide services offered within the mobile application Line App.

Join Line App Community and experience your surfing in the most functional way, regardless of your surf level.

Besides, our slogan is: “Respectful Surfing is Everyone’s Playground”.


Have a brief taste of some of line app main functionalities:

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Forecast & Info
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Surf School
General Info
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Promotional posts from Surf Schools

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