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Lineapp Surf Forecast is a mobile application that puts the sea and surfing at the center, creating a true #community made up of surfers, surf schools and surf lovers, together within an ecosystem fueled by sharing, information and discovery.

Lineapp: the goals.
Surf Forecast
Constant, real-time update on wave conditions at local and international spots with an objective data collection and forecast of surfable waves up to 6 days and hourly range. Analysis levels are simplified for the inexperienced and also include synoptic maps for those more accustomed to map reading.
Weather reading at all levels.
The weather reading also includes the detail of potential surfable waves, at each recorded spot. This is ensured by a proprietary internal algorithm that takes into account several factors including wind, waves, and shoreline exposure relative to the swell. The data is also reinforced by a quality rating through easily interpretable smileys.
Surf education.
Constant support for learning to surf through the possibility for instructor users to register their own surf schools and share with their followers the activities promoted. This is an important aspect as we firmly believe that surfing is a passion but above all a sport whose learning and foundations must necessarily pass through realities born for it.
Ability to create a real surfing community through the presence of social features that allow you to share photos, videos and comments, both on the bulletin boards of the spots and those of the schools. Each registered user will be able to follow other surfers, favorite surf spots, and registered surf schools so as to be constantly updated through a dedicated message board. Each user will also be able to comment and like each shared post.
Surf promulgation.
Promotion of the 360-degree surfing ecosystem through a customizable detail dashboard where, among other functions, it is possible to receive direct communications with content about the world of surfing including videos, articles, songs, and books that direct the user to the content pages (with the possibility for brands to tap into this feature for promotional purposes).
Safety and Respect.
One surf for all, respecting all. This was the mother principle for the creation of Lineapp. Democratize surfing with a watchful eye on safety in the sea and respect for other surfers, more or less experienced. Weather info, difficulty details of each spot, real-time sharing and community: these are all elements to ensure that those who populate the sea have information to better manage their session without risk of accidents.
Lineapp: the main features
Surf Report
Ability for users to share real-time updates at registered spots. The surf report allows, even through the inclusion of a photo or video, to inform other surfers following the spot about the level of difficulty, wave condition, wind strength but especially the level of crowding. This last element is designed precisely to avoid accidents in the water and crowding in the spots, especially those that are more difficult for novice surfers, by providing more redistribution along the coast.
Surf Alert
Ability, within each spot followed, to set and choose the optimal conditions for when to receive a dedicated notification. Conditions include surfable wave height, wind strength, wind direction so the best direction of the swell. This tool is designed to keep surfers up-to-date on ideal conditions for their favorite spots.
Punctual spot search
Lineapp not only provides access to a large map of spots locally and internationally, including with proximity order. It also allows you to search for spots on the map based on your preferred conditions. It will then only be possible to view spots with a certain surfable wave, a certain quality rating, or spots with a defined level of difficulty or type of bottom. Every search for every personal need.
Secret Spot
Lineapp allows users to update the database by quickly and easily adding a spot on the map. For each spot created, detailed weather conditions will be available automatically. However, there are spots that you prefer not to share with the community. In that case it will be possible to create secret spots, visible only to those who create them, with dedicated weather detail. If a user wants to share the secret spot with their crew, no problem. There is a button within the spot board dedicated to just that.
Detailed profiling
After downloading the application, you will be able to log in by indicating your preferred user type between surfer and instructor surfer. Those who register as "surfer" will be able to act within the application and access all weather and social features. The Instructor Surfer will additionally be able to create and manage their surf school, upload their patents, communicate and update surf school followers, and register their home spot among those in the application.
Each user will have a dedicated dashboard that will be displayed when the application is opened. Inside it will be possible to have: (i) a 5-day summary of the best conditions of a limited number of spots followed as ready concise and effective feedback; (ii) a 3-day outlook of nearby conditions with detail on wave height and direction, period, and wind intensity; (iii) access to synoptic maps broken down by geography with wave, wind, and period detail; (iv) direct sending of surf reports to the nearest surf spots; (v) direct access, as admin, to one's Surf School page (in the case of surf instructor); (vi) a section dedicated to notifications of activities in the app and Lineapp's communications about surf-related content (e.g. videos, articles, music, books, etc.).
Notifications and Alerts
Even if you don't use the application, no problem. You will receive, if set up, notifications about sea conditions near you or whether conditions are optimal, within 48 hours, at spots entered in the dashboard, rather than notifications about surf reports, other users' posts, or surf alerts you preset. Plan your interests, we'll take care of alerting you when it's worth it.

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